At Nexgen Biosciences our focus is developing 505(b)(2) therapeutics in Infectious Diseases as well as in-licensing and acquiring pharmaceutical products which play an important role in helping millions of patients lead healthier lives. Through our operations, we are dedicated to serving our patients, customers and shareholders as we continually innovate to create value.
Our Pipeline
NB-8947: Oral Cefepime
Nexgen has developed the first oral formulation of Cefepime (injectable) with global patent protection. With a wide anti-bacterial spectrum, including gram negatives and positives, Cefepime is indicated for (i) urinary tract infections, (ii) febrile neutropenia, (iii) skin and skin structure infections and, (iv) complicated intra-abdominal infections. Due to lack of an oral formulation of Cefepime, patients are required to stay in the hospital to receive IV therapy which is very expensive. With an oral version, patients could be treated cost effectively at home/outpatient as well could be discharged after defervescence within a day or two.

NB-325: New Vancomycin
Nexgen has developed a new highly potent derivative of Vancomycin, which has very favorable MICs versus the currently approved Vancomycin.

About Nexgen Biosciences
Nexgen Biosciences is a development-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to helping patients with unmet medical needs. We seek to develop 505(b)(2) therapeutics, in-license, identify, develop and commercialize products in various therapeutic areas, with a strong focus and expertise in specialty areas such as Infectious Diseases. We plan to build upon our portfolio of products through in-licensing activities, and leveraging our unique development expertise.
As we evaluate additional acquisition and in-licensing opportunities, we work closely with healthcare professionals and patient advocates to identify significant treatment gaps where Nexgen Biosciences’ unique approach to patient care and patient-focused products may be able to bring a new therapeutic option to the market where none existed previously.
More About Our Company

Nexgen Biosciences delivers solutions through our focus on reformulating pharmaceutical products, providing quality products to our customers and improving the lives of patients. Looking ahead, Nexgen will continue to rely on licensing and M&A to create a robust portfolio of value enhancing products. Our corporate development effort leads the evaluation of assets and execution of agreements to support in- and out-licensing, acquisition, strategic alliance and equity investment transactions. Please contact us about a potential business development opportunity at: BUSDEV@nexgen-bio.com